Feb 032013

Well, that was an unnecessarily exciting weekend, in the worst way.

Minion had a perforated intestine! It perforated at some point several hours after the time when we rushed him to the vet, by her estimation…and he came within hours of dying from it. He also nearly died while she was fixing it, being in shock and suffering from sepsis in his abdominal cavity from the food and fluids that leaked out. His systolic BP should’ve been around 90…it was 25. It’s extremely lucky that he pulled through with all that suddenly went wrong. Our vet and her tech assistant are just plain awesome. A huge thank you to Dr. Powers and Christina, they saved Minion’s life again!

He came home this afternoon, and is recovering nicely thus far. He gets antibiotics and pain meds for a week or so, and goes back for a recheck in 2 weeks. We’re also having the 4 inches of his intestine that were perforated (and thus removed) sent for a biopsy, as they had small white dots that could be indicative of lymphoma. Better to know there so we can put him on some meds to keep it (hopefully) from happening again.

He also had a small pancreatic tumor as suspected (the insulinoma diagnosis) that was in an extremely difficult to reach place. She was able to remove that as well.

Thank you to everyone who contacted us over the weekend to inquire how he was doing. Hopefully his recovery goes without issue, and in the future months our old man can enjoy a less eventful time of things.

  2 Responses to “Minion is back home”

  1. WOW…poor Minion! Thank goodness you got him to the vet in time! So I assume there was no perforation due to an object found, but more likely/possibly a weakness or microperforation in the intestinal wall due to some as-yet-undiagnosed condition, maybe lymphoma? Poor baby – I’m so glad he’s home and I hope he is feeling better soon. Now, lay him down on a towel between you in bed and GET SOME SLEEP! LOL I’m sure you’ve had next to none with everything going on and everyone else to care for. 🙂