Jun 122013

Well, sadly our little business is just Ares and Millie currently. We’ve caught both of them sort of looking around aimlessly over the past week, likely looking for their life partners. Ares and Draco were together for years, and Minsc was the only ferret with the energy levels anywhere near what are needed to keep up with Millie.

Also, apparently Millie is extremely smart, and we just never noticed because she was too busy harassing Minsc before. The first playtime after we lost him, she promptly escaped from the playroom and ran rampant through the house. I’m expecting to find fossilized ferret poop in the oddest place in a year or two. She might be channeling Jack-Jack and his Houdini tendencies…

So yeah, she needs a playmate. She wears Ares out, then harasses me constantly, and is usually still going strong when I’m exhausted and ready to go to bed. She’s regressed somewhat on her bite training too, so I’m having to put a lot of effort into that once more; she was doing really good for a while, but lately is getting aggressive and chompy again.

Jul 212012

It’s been a couple months since we lost Jack-Jack, and like it was with Ysabell, the pain of the loss strikes us at the most random times.

Here’s one of the last snuggles we had with him. He had just gotten an impromptu bath after we discovered him in distress in his cage, and we were trying to get him dry and keep his body temperature up. Poor little guy was so cold at the end.

May 312012
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Just ignore the litter bins…it’s almost inevitable that they end up in videos, given that we put them everywhere to avoid random corner-poops and the follow-up carpet cleaning.

Also…I fell asleep with the ferrets out and playing last night. I was woken up at 3am…by Minion licking my forehead.

May 292012

We’re alive…I’ve just not had the heart to do JJ’s retrospective post. He was laid to rest the evening of April 23rd after we helped him to the bridge. He was bleeding out through his intestines and even our vet, as awesome as she is, couldn’t stabilize him.

His memorial post will be up eventually, but for now, here’s a quick teaser video, one of many I’ve taken and have yet to post. It even features our departed boy for part of it.

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