Sep 252012

Our vet called last night. Minion is more active, eating kibble and chewing apart his IV. Yes, that is a good thing. She’s hopeful that they will be able to discharge him sometime today if he continues this trend.


Confirmed, we’re picking him up late this afternoon 🙂

Sep 232012

Well, we just got back from the 24hr emergency vet. Minion started exhibiting the classic signs of an intestinal blockage late Saturday night, and after we tried to get some fluid into him without luck, we called ahead and took him in at around 4am. His vital signs are stable but he is definitely dehydrated. He’ll be getting some xrays to see if we can spot a blockage, but more importantly he’s getting an IV and some fluids in him to keep him stable.

For now he’s staying at the vet. We will keep you posted on any news.

May 042011

Jack-Jack continues to thrive with his implant keeping his adrenal tumors at bay. He’s actually gotten a bit plump now, and plays quite well with Minsc.

Minsc and Minion both have implants as preventative measures, although neither showed any symptoms of adrenal issues (we just want to keep it that way).

Ysabell is unfortunately still struggling with the unknown liver disease. She went back to the vet last week, and bloodwork still showed increased levels of liver issue indicators, although they were reduced a little from the previous visit. She’s back on metronidazole, in hopes of continuing to lower said levels.. She Hates it. Capital H there. Its a very bitter medication, and she struggles and fights so much that she always ends up making matters worse. She’s started actively hiding from us, trying to avoid taking it, and I fear even if we heal her she’ll remain skittish and untrusting.