Feb 022013

After several episodes of vomiting, severe lethargy, and unferrety behavior…Minion is back at the vet on another 3am visit. We just got home. He’s still there, getting stabilized with an IV and waiting to get in touch with his specialist vet. More details once she gets in to examine him…for now, I’ve not had much any sleep and desperately need some rest. Poor Michele is even worse off, she has to work in a couple hours. She was a real champ for Minion, lots of cuddles all evening before we decided he needed to go back to the vet.

  3 Responses to “Here we go again…”

  1. I hate to here this he’s your first. Give Michele a hug for me when she gets home. And you get some rest.

  2. So sorry to hear this! I hope he feels better soon and as Kathy said, GET SOME REST. I know it’s easier said than done, but with all of this going on, getting some sleep/rest is the only thing that can help you remain coherent while trying to work out everything that needs to be done and care for everyone properly. Hopefully, Michele can get some too. It would be great if you both could get in a long nap or a good night’s sleep knowing that someone else is watching Minion round the clock right now, before you’re back on “duty.” Hugs to all…

  3. Still thinking of you guys and beaming good thoughts/prayers for Minion and all of you – here’s hoping he bounces back soon and that the two of you got some sort of sleep!