Polgara (March 2013 – 28 July, 2020)


Stats: Female, Sable Blaze Mitt

Aliases: Gara, formerly known as “Chilly”

Polgara came to us in June of 2013. Only a couple months old at the time, she was a bundle of fur and energy, and was extraordinarily well trained already; no issues with potty training or bite training.

She does the cutest little vertical ‘bunny’ hops when playing, and after an initial settling in period, gets along quite well with her cagemates. And continues months later to have bottomless reserves of energy, playing and playing until everyone around her, ferret and human, is ready to sleep! (Yup, still true six months later. — Michele)

Gara on 8/18/2015:
Updated Portrait

Gara is on the right:

Gara & Millie, Thanksgiving 2013

Gara left us on the 28th of July, 2020. She passed away peacefully sometime in the early morning.

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