Sep 242012

After a day at the vet with IV fluids and dextrose, Minion’s condition had not improved; it had actually worsened slightly. His blood sugar wasn’t stabilizing, he wouldn’t eat, and he vomited some more. So slightly after 11pm we made the decision to have him go in for surgery…we managed to make it to the vet a couple minutes before our ferret specialist arrived (just after midnight), so we got to see him prior to the surgery, then we waited it out.


He came through ok at around 1:15am, and a blockage was removed. We don’t know what the blockage is, or where it came from (we are in the process of tearing the playroom apart trying to identify and remove it’s source). They also looked at his pancreas and his adrenal glands, and he showed no signs of tumors or problems there, which is happy news. He’s in recovery today, and has been eating his carnivore care diet enthusiastically. His bloodwork is good, but he is having some bloody stool.


We did just get a call that a mistake was made in his treatment just prior to surgery. A prep medicine was misread as a steroid instead of the dextrose supplement, so he was on a largish dose of that for a couple hours. They’re watching him closely, and have done some research and don’t believe it’s going to harm him; the suspected side effects they’re watching out for are ulcers, so they’re giving him a very strong acid inhibitor, and are going to keep him an extra day to monitor his recovery and make sure there are no ill effects.


Sep 232012

Well, we just got back from the 24hr emergency vet. Minion started exhibiting the classic signs of an intestinal blockage late Saturday night, and after we tried to get some fluid into him without luck, we called ahead and took him in at around 4am. His vital signs are stable but he is definitely dehydrated. He’ll be getting some xrays to see if we can spot a blockage, but more importantly he’s getting an IV and some fluids in him to keep him stable.

For now he’s staying at the vet. We will keep you posted on any news.