Zoe (2006? – 17 Feb 2013)


Zoe quietly passed away on Feb. 17, 2013, mostly likely from intestinal lymphoma (towards the end she had the same symptoms as our Jack Jack). She had a huge personality in a tiny and fierce little body, and helped us recover from the lost of our former business CEO, Ysabell. We will miss her, but we know Sydney will miss her more.

Zoe will join Ysabell, Jack Jack, and just recently Minion in our little ferret graveyard. Rest in peace, Zo-Zo.

The Bean was buried with one of her mini tennis balls that she loved to destroy, and with a pink blankie that she adopted as her favorite nest and hiding place when she started feeling sick.


Stats: Female, Silver Mitt

Aliases: Zo-Zo Bean, Sweetie, Princess


Zoe came to us from Sydney, who was moving overseas to get married. She found us through the Ferret Mailing List, and is an active part of Zoe’s life, having come visiting (with many fabulous toys, to boot!) and corresponding with us regularly.

  2 Responses to “Zoe (2006? – 17 Feb 2013)”

  1. Goodnight, Zo-Bean. Sleep tight. Wait for us all at the Bridge. – Mommy-Syd

  2. It was a privilege to have met Precious Zo Zo Bean,a little angel waits over the bridge for her mummies Sydney and Michele and her Pappy Paul and her new friend Andrew who she found very tasty! Rest in Peace sweet girl,sweet beloved Zo Zo Bean.Till we meet again. xxxoooxxxoooxoxoxoxoxxxoooxxx