Nov 042013

Out of nowhere, we’ve lost Ares. The old guy was limp, cold, and unresponsive Saturday morning. Rushed in to the vet, found out he was at the tail end of a series of hypoglycemic seizures. They stabilized him with a heatpack (we’d given him one for the drive to the vet, too, from Zoe’s old supplies), a dextrose shot, and an IV catheter. He seemed to be perking up and improving, but he still wouldn’t eat.

After about 8 hours, he suddenly took a turn for the worse. He began bleeding in his intestines, as had Jack-Jack and Zoe when we lost them. We’d hoped because he was already in intensive care that there might be some hope, but after consulting with our primary vet and doing more bloodwork, we had to make the choice to let him go; his body was shutting down, and his organ functions were all over the place. When we arrived back at the vet to be with him in his last moments, he was obviously in discomfort and not at all his usual self.

He has been buried next to Draco, with a Kong toy between the two of them; their rivalry in stealing those from one another can continue now.

RIP little guy. I’m just happy you had such a long, rich life, and that I got to see you playing so happily for so many evenings.

Jun 122013

Well, sadly our little business is just Ares and Millie currently. We’ve caught both of them sort of looking around aimlessly over the past week, likely looking for their life partners. Ares and Draco were together for years, and Minsc was the only ferret with the energy levels anywhere near what are needed to keep up with Millie.

Also, apparently Millie is extremely smart, and we just never noticed because she was too busy harassing Minsc before. The first playtime after we lost him, she promptly escaped from the playroom and ran rampant through the house. I’m expecting to find fossilized ferret poop in the oddest place in a year or two. She might be channeling Jack-Jack and his Houdini tendencies…

So yeah, she needs a playmate. She wears Ares out, then harasses me constantly, and is usually still going strong when I’m exhausted and ready to go to bed. She’s regressed somewhat on her bite training too, so I’m having to put a lot of effort into that once more; she was doing really good for a while, but lately is getting aggressive and chompy again.