Feb 062013

After a couple days of seemingly good recovery, Minion isn’t doing so well tonight. He has been a bit listless tonight, with little appetite, poor stools..and he threw up a little bit earlier. We’ve talked with our vet, and if he throws up again after this last feeding, he’s heading back in to see if there’s anything we can do for him. More as it develops.

Oct 072012

Minion has finished all his meds as of Friday, and we’ve also put him back in the cage with the others. He’s taking part in playtimes, and is as playful and cute as ever. He’s just got the poodle haircut to deal with for a while longer, but we’re investigating a toupee as per his request. Stay tuned for other news that the little guy’s surgery caused us to postpone…


Sep 272012

We’ve been giving the little guy various meds 5 times daily. He still doesn’t like them (big surprise) but he’s very enthusiastic about treats afterwards. He’s also eaten some of his liquid carnivore care diet on his own accord a couple times. We still hand feed him that just as often however, and we’ve watered it down some since he wasnt making the effort to drink as much as we wanted.

His stools have been decent (with the exception of a very scary hairball that quite puzzled us for a while), and our reports on his progress to his doctor have been met with enthusiasm and praise for what so far is a very speedy recovery in her opinion. The medicine continues through Sunday at least, and we’re still keeping him separated from the others in the sick cage, sharing the office with us. He’s getting a bit restless at times, when the meds are wearing off and nearing his next dose; he tried to climb the cage wall once today!

Michele is feeling better as well, but I’m still wishing I could claw my sinuses out of my head.

Sep 262012

Sorry for no updates on him yesterday. He has 4 different medicines we have to give him at different intervals, and we are pretty much living by his sick cage to keep an eye on him. And to top it off we are either sick, or something allergenic has made it into the house…Michele and I are both feeling horrible.

We will put up more details later on.