Dec 312016

My friend Jeff came over for New Year’s Eve last year, and I had recorded a fairly long video of us playing with the ferrets. I noticed it was still marked a private on my Youtube channel, so I decided this year at the new year would be a good time to go ahead and post it! Enjoy!

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Dec 232016

I realized I had uploaded several videos to the Youtube channel and never linked them here. So I’m going to try and correct that over the coming weeks.

There are some glitches in some of them, my old cell phone was becoming very temperamental.

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Dec 212016

Sorry, I don’t have a huge list of pictures and videos this year. I do have a couple videos I need to edit down, but my phone made a highlight reel on its own, which is both convenient and kind of creepy. So here it is!

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Aug 042013

We’ve slacked off on informing everyone that we’ve a new ferret — Polgara (Pole-Gar-Ah), whom we just call Gara (Gar-Ah). Her original name was “Chilly” and we adopted her from a local family a couple of months back. Due to her quarantine and some human health issues, we simply haven’t gotten around to getting pictures of her on here yet, for which I apologize.

While pogle was sitting in the playroom — poking ferrets with a felt-covered stick, causing joy and vexation all around — he apparently witnessed Gara climbing up onto the sick cage and leaping from the top (it’s about 2-3 feet off the ground). Down she goes…straight into the cornstarch peanut bin. He said she then repeated the action, quite deliberately. Crafty little minx!

Mar 012013

Everyone is healthy, and they all have deslorelin implants to help prevent adrenal disease! (Minsc already had one, but got it refreshed; the others got their first implant.)

Pogle is working on recovering our stash of ferret photos off of our dead backup server; once that is done, we’ll get retrospective posts up for Minion and Zoe.

Until then, be comforted knowing that the other four are keeping us busy: *someferret* is stashing pogle’s boxers in the play tube. 😛