Jun 122013

Well, sadly our little business is just Ares and Millie currently. We’ve caught both of them sort of looking around aimlessly over the past week, likely looking for their life partners. Ares and Draco were together for years, and Minsc was the only ferret with the energy levels anywhere near what are needed to keep up with Millie.

Also, apparently Millie is extremely smart, and we just never noticed because she was too busy harassing Minsc before. The first playtime after we lost him, she promptly escaped from the playroom and ran rampant through the house. I’m expecting to find fossilized ferret poop in the oddest place in a year or two. She might be channeling Jack-Jack and his Houdini tendencies…

So yeah, she needs a playmate. She wears Ares out, then harasses me constantly, and is usually still going strong when I’m exhausted and ready to go to bed. She’s regressed somewhat on her bite training too, so I’m having to put a lot of effort into that once more; she was doing really good for a while, but lately is getting aggressive and chompy again.

Jun 022013

More sad news…Draco passed away today.

We had taken him to the vet this week after noticing his weight was rapidly decreasing. The physical found pretty much nothing wrong with him at all, except the weight loss and some poor quality stool. The tentative diagnosis was IBD…with the usual caveat of potential lymphoma. Both are very common with ferrets, and both are difficult to diagnose accurately without surgical biopsies.

We opted to treat for IBD with metronidazole and vitamin B shots. He was on the meds for several days, and received them this morning. But tonight when I went to rouse the furkids for playtime, he was curled up comfortably in bed, and had passed away. The situation is pretty much identical to that we experienced with Ysabell, so it seems he likely had lymphoma after all, and something catastrophic happened, such as a rupture.

Good-bye Toe-cruncher…you will be missed.

Dec 252012

The ferrets (and we, their devoted minions) wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May your day be filled with lots of food, toys, and wrapping paper to play in.

…What do you mean, you don’t do that?! You should totally try it. -The Ferrets


Jan 042012


Draco doing his best to stash the duck. Now replace the duck with your toes and you know why I lived in fear of this little guy. The trick is to have a pair of shoes handy to distract him with; you have to take them off, though, because otherwise he’ll attack your feet and/or try to stash them with you still wearing them. >.>