Sep 232013

Short video of Gara at her first vet visit, with me and a noisy toy trying to figure out if she’s deaf or not. Months later and the jury is still partially undecided there, but we *think* she can hear…but only when it suits her.

Much overdue, but hopefully more videos in the future if this one plays properly for folks; I’ve got a new system for the videos installed that should make them compatible with playing on mobile devices, and also make it easier and faster for me to move videos from my phone to the website.

Jun 052013

Rushed to the emergency vet again last night…Minsc was extremely listless, unresponsive to most stimuli, and had a really low body temperature.

He’s warmed up now and they’re watching him closely. Doing an ultrasound and getting some samples…he’s got fluid in his abdomen, which is not a good sign. We’ll know more when they finish the testing.

Update, 1pm

The ultrasound, with mild sedation to keep him still, revealed that Minsc has an enormous mass on his liver. Its large enough that it is displacing his gall bladder and pressing on other organs. He also has from freestanding blood in his abdominal cavity. The liver mass has a very high index of being a hemangiosarcoma, a rapidly growing, invasive cancer of the blood vessel linings. In essence, it is a time-bomb that could rupture and kill him at any moment. And they tend to be inoperable, but the only way to know for sure is to attempt surgery. He also has a heart murmur, and his body temperature is still extremely low when they don’t keep him in the incubator. I don’t know that he could even survive surgery, so we don’t think it’s the right choice in this case.

We’re driving up shortly to say goodbye. It’s just not fair…

Jul 102011
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A much belated introduction to Zoe, whom we adopted on Memorial Day 2011. This video is from June 12th. Yeah. Almost a month late on posting it. Sorry! I’ve been forgetful on all things website-related lately.

We’ll update the page with some history on Zoe and other pictures soon. Or maybe not-so-soon. But eventually!

Mar 052011
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Ferrets tend to investigate new things to the exclusion of all else. So, after his vet checkup, and before we introduced him to the other ferrets, we gave him a chance to meet the new playroom by himself, and get acquainted. Its a bit longer than most of our ferret videos, but its worth it in the end.