Sep 272012

We’ve been giving the little guy various meds 5 times daily. He still doesn’t like them (big surprise) but he’s very enthusiastic about treats afterwards. He’s also eaten some of his liquid carnivore care diet on his own accord a couple times. We still hand feed him that just as often however, and we’ve watered it down some since he wasnt making the effort to drink as much as we wanted.

His stools have been decent (with the exception of a very scary hairball that quite puzzled us for a while), and our reports on his progress to his doctor have been met with enthusiasm and praise for what so far is a very speedy recovery in her opinion. The medicine continues through Sunday at least, and we’re still keeping him separated from the others in the sick cage, sharing the office with us. He’s getting a bit restless at times, when the meds are wearing off and nearing his next dose; he tried to climb the cage wall once today!

Michele is feeling better as well, but I’m still wishing I could claw my sinuses out of my head.

  2 Responses to “Minion is recovering well”

  1. Minion could possibly helpf with the clawing of your sinuses. Glad Michele is feeling better. Love you both!

  2. Look at those little shaved bare arms where he had needles! So glad he’s feeling better, hope you all do soon – “sinuses…” been there- what is the point of them exactly? Hugs for all the clan…