Jul 292020

I found her late yesterday morning, curled up under a blanket with her head poking out. That’s not really normal for her, she loved deep burrows and making me dig through all the blankets to find her. I think maybe she wanted a bit of the early dawn sunlight, at the end. She was around 7 and a half years old, the oldest in the business I’ve had. She had been sleeping a lot more lately, and not playing as much, but still had a healthy appetite, so it came as a most unwelcome surprise to find her gone. But she had a long ferret life, and many wonderful ferrets and people moved through it with her.

I know I’m fairly terrible at updating this lately. It’s mostly major ferret-life events these days. But I still take pictures, and we’re going to go back across Gara’s life and celebrate it with them. Some I’ve posted before, some I haven’t, but they’re all about my dear little affectionate sweetheart, and how much I’ll miss her.