Mar 062015

Millie and Polgara like to fly. Testing out a new tripod to get some stable video.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t throw your ferrets! This is a gentle toss onto a very fluffy pillow, done very carefully and with lots of practice with extra padding around.. Ferrets might act indestructible, but they can be quite fragile. Also, some of them actually don’t like flying.

Jun 022013

More sad news…Draco passed away today.

We had taken him to the vet this week after noticing his weight was rapidly decreasing. The physical found pretty much nothing wrong with him at all, except the weight loss and some poor quality stool. The tentative diagnosis was IBD…with the usual caveat of potential lymphoma. Both are very common with ferrets, and both are difficult to diagnose accurately without surgical biopsies.

We opted to treat for IBD with metronidazole and vitamin B shots. He was on the meds for several days, and received them this morning. But tonight when I went to rouse the furkids for playtime, he was curled up comfortably in bed, and had passed away. The situation is pretty much identical to that we experienced with Ysabell, so it seems he likely had lymphoma after all, and something catastrophic happened, such as a rupture.

Good-bye Toe-cruncher…you will be missed.

Oct 272012

Our apologies everyone… We’ve had this little darling for almost 2 months. We had some initial delays getting her integrated with the others…the timing of getting her to the vet to have her bloodwork done caused a couple weeks of delay; and right afterward, Minion had his little ‘adventure’ and surgery and recovery period. Seemed everything kept conspiring against me. But now, I diligently and at last have found the time to convert the video (I somehow filmed it upside down the entire time) and get it uploaded! No more excuses, just a nice 1am video treat for your weekend.

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce the newest member of the ferret business, Millie!

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Aug 162011

Here’s a couple of videos to celebrate it being Tuesday, and my not being at work until after 10pm like on Monday!

Minion, in an orange crinkle toy which sadly has since had to be discarded after being wrecked from too much play:

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And this is Zoe on one of her fishing trips:

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May 112011

We have three water bowls in the ferret cage. Well, 2 water bowls and a bottle, technically. The bowls are there for the ferrets to play in. The bottle is there so they’ll have something to drink after they’re done playing.

This morning Minsc and Minion both were extremely hyper, despite spending the night in the bedroom playpen (bad storms means we want the ferrets close at hand in case we have to hide in closet for tornadoes and the like). They were actively rearranging everything they could in the cage, including spilling the fresh litter. I notice that, while the bottle is full, the two bowls are pretty much empty. So I get a plastic container and go to the sink. As I carry my nice full container over to top off their bowls, the double-Ms frantically redouble their cuteness efforts to try and get me to let them out for more playtime. Sorry guys, I’m already running late for work due to oversleeping, no can do. Besides, I gave you a ferretone treat already as an apology.

I open the cage door, and with one hand I fend off Minion from escape. With my elbow I fend off Minsc, while that same arm directs the pouring of water into their bowls. I fill both bowls, and withdraw, closing the cage up again.

Then I look in the container in my hand.

There’s half an inch of water left in it. And a felt fish toy with a bell inside.

I have no idea where this came from.

Well, I know we got the fish as a toy for Minsc during the weeks he was living alone, waiting for his quarantine to end so he could be integrated with the others. But it disappeared after that, lost in the quagmire of ferret bedding. But I have no idea how it teleported into the container in my hand.

I showed it to Meabh, and after some puzzled staring, put it back in the cage, slightly damp. When I left for work, Minsc had rediscovered his love of fishing, and was busy playing with his newly rediscovered fish.

While sitting in the upper litter bin.

I just hope I don’t come home to a fish toy covered in poop.

May 042011

Jack-Jack continues to thrive with his implant keeping his adrenal tumors at bay. He’s actually gotten a bit plump now, and plays quite well with Minsc.

Minsc and Minion both have implants as preventative measures, although neither showed any symptoms of adrenal issues (we just want to keep it that way).

Ysabell is unfortunately still struggling with the unknown liver disease. She went back to the vet last week, and bloodwork still showed increased levels of liver issue indicators, although they were reduced a little from the previous visit. She’s back on metronidazole, in hopes of continuing to lower said levels.. She Hates it. Capital H there. Its a very bitter medication, and she struggles and fights so much that she always ends up making matters worse. She’s started actively hiding from us, trying to avoid taking it, and I fear even if we heal her she’ll remain skittish and untrusting.