Nov 042013

Out of nowhere, we’ve lost Ares. The old guy was limp, cold, and unresponsive Saturday morning. Rushed in to the vet, found out he was at the tail end of a series of hypoglycemic seizures. They stabilized him with a heatpack (we’d given him one for the drive to the vet, too, from Zoe’s old supplies), a dextrose shot, and an IV catheter. He seemed to be perking up and improving, but he still wouldn’t eat.

After about 8 hours, he suddenly took a turn for the worse. He began bleeding in his intestines, as had Jack-Jack and Zoe when we lost them. We’d hoped because he was already in intensive care that there might be some hope, but after consulting with our primary vet and doing more bloodwork, we had to make the choice to let him go; his body was shutting down, and his organ functions were all over the place. When we arrived back at the vet to be with him in his last moments, he was obviously in discomfort and not at all his usual self.

He has been buried next to Draco, with a Kong toy between the two of them; their rivalry in stealing those from one another can continue now.

RIP little guy. I’m just happy you had such a long, rich life, and that I got to see you playing so happily for so many evenings.

Jul 142011

After last night’s demonstration, we’re pretty sure it was Jack Jack stealing pogle’s watch the other day.

Pogle and I are reading in bed when Jack Jack saunters up and starts investigating pogle’s ereader, a Sony Pocket with a book-like cover. He decides he really likes the cover and starts nosing at it from below, several times almost closing it. Naturally, we start encouraging him. [1]

“You can do it, Jack Jack!” And he does: a nice nose flick, and pogle’s cover is closed.

“Good boy, Jack Jack!” Pet, pet.

As a proud poppa, pogle gives Jack Jack a reward: “Here buddy, you can play with my watch. Good boy.”

Riiiip goes the velcro.

Sniff goes Jack Jack.

Chomp goes Jack Jack.

Off runs Jack Jack…

This time he stashed it under the night table. [2]


[1] We bring doom upon ourselves, we know. But he’s so cute and smart! /daw

[2] While looking for it, I discovered that Minsc had stashed my phone in its case at some point earlier in the evening.

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Jun 292011

Crazy busy around here, what with new a new ferret, sick ferrets, and heavy work schedules. The good news is, there is a new fuzzbutt in the house as of May 31st. We’ll be working on posting some videos of her this weekend. Feel free to pester the pogle.

For now, though, I will try to satisfy your ferretitis with a funny story.

A couple of days ago we were so tired that we fell asleep during playtime. Now, it’s pretty common for one of us to fall asleep while the other one is up reading and interacting with the ferrets [1]. This is the first time that both of us have fallen asleep at the same time. Upon waking and discovering the mischief that went on while we were sleeping [2], pogle put away the ferrets and came back to the bedroom to get ready for bed.

At which point he asks me, “Where’s my watch?”

Usually his watch sits on his nightstand right by the bed. It seems that during our nap an ambitious ferret either walked over pogle to get to the nightstand, or craftily reached up a paw from the shelf below, to abscond with the prized item. It took us a good fifteen minutes of shaking out the bed covers and checking all of the stash spots to finally find where the watch had been hidden. The culprit was most likely Jack Jack, who loves that watch because of its velcro band, but I honestly wouldn’t put it past any of the rascals.


[1] Which naturally includes encouraging little cold ferret noses to touch the sleeping person or assisting in blanket raids.

[2] Including pogle loudly proclaiming, “Why is there pee everywhere?!”

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