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Aug 042013

We’ve slacked off on informing everyone that we’ve a new ferret — Polgara (Pole-Gar-Ah), whom we just call Gara (Gar-Ah). Her original name was “Chilly” and we adopted her from a local family a couple of months back. Due to her quarantine and some human health issues, we simply haven’t gotten around to getting pictures of her on here yet, for which I apologize.

While pogle was sitting in the playroom — poking ferrets with a felt-covered stick, causing joy and vexation all around — he apparently witnessed Gara climbing up onto the sick cage and leaping from the top (it’s about 2-3 feet off the ground). Down she goes…straight into the cornstarch peanut bin. He said she then repeated the action, quite deliberately. Crafty little minx!

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Apr 262013
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Mar 012013

Everyone is healthy, and they all have deslorelin implants to help prevent adrenal disease! (Minsc already had one, but got it refreshed; the others got their first implant.)

Pogle is working on recovering our stash of ferret photos off of our dead backup server; once that is done, we’ll get retrospective posts up for Minion and Zoe.

Until then, be comforted knowing that the other four are keeping us busy: *someferret* is stashing pogle’s boxers in the play tube. 😛

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Feb 172013

Zoe finally lost her fight with what was most likely lymphoma — and fight she did! Never have I met a stronger, more stubborn ferret than Zo-Zo Bean. She’ll be missed greatly by her mom Sydney in Ireland, and our little business is now so much smaller.